Reconfigurable Moulds

The Reconfigurable Mould (RM) is a technology patented by Stam, capable of generating double-curved 3D surfaces. In the IMPRESS project the RM will be used for the prefabrication of curved panels. Stam started a detailed analysis on the possibility to use this tool to precast Hypucem panels. Specifically, Stam is performing FEM analyses on the…

Panel performance

Sustainability issues associated with buildings are receiving increasing attention worldwide; this is a key driver for the IMPRESS project, and the thermal performance of the panels is critical to the project’s success. However, other issues are also important, and aside from their thermal characteristics, the panels must perform adequately in other aspects. Structurally, they must…

Poster Award

Roisin Hyde and Oliver Kinnane submitted a paper to the Cement and Concrete Science Conference detailing some of their work to date regarding a high strength geopolymer mix for use in cladding panels. The quality of this work was recognised at the conference and it was awarded Best Poster. The outcomes from this work to…

Advanced Building Skins

IMPRESS team members Aidan Reilly, Dervilla Niall and Oliver Kinnane all presented IMPRESS work at the Advanced Building Skins conference in Bern this October 9th/10th. All work was well received.

Behave 2016

Members of the IMPRESS team presented a paper at Behave 2016, which analysed the interaction between thermal mass and building users through a modelling study. This work will inform the optimisation of the thermal performance of the cladding panels. Image © Universidade de Coimbra